Architects and engineers know that having accurate construction documents will ensure a successful project that will stand the test of time. Specifying materials that are compatible with the existing building will prevent costly change orders and future repairs. Specification should not be copied and pasted to a document but written by someone with actual experience and understanding of the products and techniques involved with using them.

       I am a member of the Association of Preservationist Technology International and Preservation Trades Network which allows me to keep up to date with the latest advances in materials. I have researched many environmentally friendly materials and it is very rare that strong chemicals must be used for cleaning. The same goes for mortar, harmful high p.s.i mixes can be avoided with many options now available. I can provide testing, including ASTM C1324 and petrographic. When testing is required I will personally remove samples for you and interpret the results. I have a very good relationship with numerous testing labs to ensure prompt, accurate results.