Simon Leverett began his masonry career in the early 1980’s by completing a City and Guilds Masonry program.

After a few more years he became a journeyman mason and spent the next decade working on all kinds of buildings from 11th century, to Jacobean, to Arts and Crafts. In 1995 he moved to the United States and became a masonry instructor for the prison system. He then moved to the Midwest and eventually started his own business, working on local landmarks.


           In Chicago, he has spent the last 5 years working as a field consultant and technical assistance for a masonry supplier.

          The current chapter is consulting. Drawing on over three decades of experience, he assists architects, engineers and property managers in writing historically accurate repair and material specifications. His advice and expertise has been sought for many local landmarks (see list). For homeowners he writes a scope of work, which includes details such as proper materials to use and a restoration timeline for scheduling. He also can assist in contractor selection, These reports always save the owner money and enable long lasting historically accurate repairs.

          Specifications are usually written by someone who doesn’t have actual hands-on experience in historic preservation and many specifications were written for modern masonry that will damage your investment.


        Do yourself a favor and use his considerable experience to find problems, prepare accurate reports, and train masonry crews.



City and Guilds of London, Mason, passed with distinction.

State certified Masonry Instructor. 

Guest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, graduate preservation student programme since 2012. 

Certified to perform Helical tie pull tests for architects and engineers.

Certified Cathedral Stone installer.

Member of International Association of Preservation Technology, previous teacher of the use of poultices in cleaning Historic masonry 

Member of Preservation Trades Network.

Teacher of Historic Masonry classes, covering topics including Lime mortar, Terracotta repair, stone repair, Historic brickwork and mechanical anchors.